put a face

to the name

My name is Abigail, and I have lived in the seacoast area in southern Maine my whole life. A creative at heart, I have always thrived in environments where I am using my artistic abilities. Dance, choreography, and drawing are all outlets that I use to express my artistry and individuality.

I wanted to create a clothing brand full of pieces that were not only my own designs, but also represented my own personal aesthetic. I’ve always felt different, as many people I think do, never really fitting into one category. My style, personality, my aesthetic, have always been mixed, multiple things blended together.  So I decided my aesthetic was The Dude Aesthetic!

Creating a unique clothing brand was not all I set out to do

I wanted to create something that would help and inspire. I believe sustainability is an element that is missing from the fashion world, so I decided to use eco friendly pieces for my brand. In addition to creating pieces with eco friendly clothing, a portion of the profits from each piece will be given in donation to Abby’s House, an organization dedicated to helping support, and providing shelter for, women in need. My grandmother did a lot of work with Abby’s House when she was alive, so I knew from the beginning it was a charity I wanted to support.


Whether it's spending hours in the studio, or hours holding a paintbrush, I love creating, And above all, I love that I now have a way to share my creations with the world around me.